One year ago, on the first rare snowfall of the season here in Nashville, I fell off of my attic ladder and crushed my knee to the point of being “one step short of total knee replacement”, as the surgeon told me. I could not walk. I could not drive. I could not sit at my desk and draw. I had a ton of metal rods and screws in my leg and I was stuck in a recliner, which is not as awesome as it might sound. I felt isolated from my life and trapped in my own home.

After a while, I entered physical therapy and began the process of learning to walk again. It was a difficult time, but I came out on the other side. I can walk again and while difficult to think about at times and sore in the cold months (like now), the experience did inspire several strips (which I did manage to write down) and now, we arrive at this strip. I try to find humor in most things and this is no exception.

The upcoming arc means a lot to me. It is personal and one of the more autobiographical tales I will ever tell. I need to tell it.

I hope you enjoy what comes next.