I know the state of 4th-edition D&D isn’t as bad as today’s comic suggests but we all know that at some point support will taper off, and the discount bins will swim in marked down 4e product. Such is the nature of the edition beast. 4e is fun to be sure and for some, it will be their line in the sand (consumer-wise). Again, such things have occurred with every new edition of the game. I reserve my Grognard tendencies for campaign settings *cough* fucking bring back Greyhawk *cough*.

Speaking of old school, this weekend brings another opportunity for me to take the role of a player with my dwarven wizard Gerta Emberhelm and along with my brave companions, continue to plumb the depths of the Lost City. I am all of the excited. All of it.

Next week sees my normal weekly group beginning the module Against the Cult of the Reptile God (one of my personal favorites).