Today brings the conclusion of the Signing story arc. I like to think that d20monkey is 99% laughs with the odd 1% of seriousness. Today is an example of the 1%.

Sam’s heart is broken. Mel is dating a douchebag. Larry knew Sam would have his heart broken as the second of his three DM-trials. Brett is probably being propositioned by a horny trucker at the truck stop Sam sent him to in search of Wil Wheaton.

On the upside, Dallas Noble’s identity (specifically her gender) is revealed to the world and she was met with adoration from her fans. Tracy Hurley aka Sarah Darkmagic takes her place among the reoccurring cast members of d20monkey.

All in all, it’s a mixed bag as far as story conclusions go.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story arc as much as I have enjoyed making it. It feels cathartic for me in a way with Mel’s involvement. Don’t worry though, Mel and her douche boyfriend, Grey, will return. Sam has the first official member of his Rogue’s Gallery. It’s an important moment in every characters life.

The funny returns on Monday.