I rarely use the “Charlie is blind” gag for a number of reasons but this one? I had to do this one.

Okay, I’ve had my fun teasing the date. Next week we’ll get into it proper (along with the group’s game session).

I’ve spent most of the day bouncing around due to being a great mood and celebrating the fact that today marks the 3-year Anniversary of d20Monkey.

That’s right, this comic has 3 years under it’s belt and I could not be happier with how things are progressing in regards to my skills as a cartoonist, a writer, and the community of excellent people who gather around this site 3 days a week. It’s really hit me lately that this comic isn’t exactly what it was when it started. Random gag-a-days are few and far between these days, as I have more fun focusing on the lives of the cast and their game sessions. I never meant for it to reach this style of comic in the early days but now I cannot imagine d20Monkey any other way. The best line I have heard to that effect is from The Chatty DM who said that “my comic is growing a beard” and I think that is true in a lot of ways. I am just as surprised as everyone else. The bigger surprise still is knowing that some folks are just as invested in the lives of Sam, Brett, Mel, Trevor, and Charlie as I am (and in some cases more so). At some point along the way, they stopped being just props for joke delivery and became characters, each with their own fans. It is a fantastic and genuinely humbling feeling to realize such a thing and I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for reading and supporting d20Monkey. I want to make this my career someday and lately it feels more like “when I do it” rather than “if I can do it” and I have you to thank.

Here’s to another 30 years of gaming, drama, and dick jokes.