This weekend the guys over at Obsidian Portal and I chose the winner for May’s Caption Contest!

This one goes into the archives of D&D (which I love on occasion) but for those who are a little lost on the reference, here you go.

The lucky winner of the Obsidian Portal prize pack is Wolfsense (which I assume is kind of like spider sense, only you detect wounded animals and chicks with red hoods instead of danger). At any rate, congratulations Wolf and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. There will be a new caption contest up soon so keep your eyes on the Obsidian Portal blog page and here as well for the announcement.

Speaking of announcements, the online store is open and I’m taking pre-orders on the new flaming d20 t-shirt! The orders are moving in steadily and it’s looking like the first run of these shirts will be a good one indeed. Thank you to those who have placed your order. I’m happy you like the design and I cannot wait to get these out to all of you in the coming weeks.