Update: Let’s clear up a few things that folks are speculating on.

1. The Karthun system is d20 based but there are key differences that I am keeping a little vague at the moment. You’ll see what I mean when the playtest document is released soon

2. Trevor is playing a thief (one of the four core classes) who is trained as a monk (a profession in the case of Karthun).

3. Trevor used two move actions to sprint ahead of the lava flow, using a special pole jump ability his (monk training) as part of the move action.

Believe me, I could easily spell every move and action out in the strips but it would take forever and a lot of the pacing/humor would be lost. When it is all said and done, I will write up a nice post explaining some of the off-camera action.

Thanks to everyone who came by the table at Denver Comic Con! It was great to meet so many nice folks.

More on Friday!