And with this strip, the Harsh Reflections arc comes to a close.

The build up to a TPK struck a nerve with folks (in a good way). Some agree with Sam’s decision, some do not. That aspect of this arc is working as intended. If you are a GM in particular, you have probably faced a similar situation. It’s a tough spot to be in. Do I let the dice fall or do I save this group for the sake of the story? I’ll be honest, I have done both. Neither choice is right or wrong. It just comes down to the decision in the moment. For the players, this group takes it in stride. Sure, they hate to lose characters but I think Charlie sums it up pretty well: For most, the experience is all about rolling dice with friends.

I have loved reading the discussion and debate in the comments as this arc moved along. I’m grateful that in an age where it is very easy to be an asshole on the internet, 99.9 percent of the folks who come here and leave comments go about it in a nice/respectful way. You’re great. Please keep being great.