No surprise here, Sam’s gaming philosophy is (for the most part) my gaming philosophy. Sure, the Worldwalker could open the gate but it’s always better when the role of importance sits with the player characters and develops threads for future adventures. Plus, there is more to Vella being a Shepherd and we’ll see more of that over time.

Did you know that Obsidian Portal is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the improvement of their site and services? I think it is worth your time to give the campaign page a look. I am a big fan of Obsidian Portal (even before I started working with them on the caption contests) and Micah and Jerry are dedicated guys who want to make the best site they can. The project funded in record time and they are knocking down stretch goals left and right. You can follow this link to the land of Kickstarter goodness.

ALSO! I made a monster for James Stowe’s Fiendish Pro-Made Fridays! James is the amazingly talented guy behind Sidekick Quests and for the month of April he asked some of his buddies to pitch in the Friday events. I am in some pretty sweet company and it truly is an honor to be among them and playing in James’ playground. You can check it out right here!