Hey there. If you bounced your way here from the link over on www.enworld.org allow me to say, welcome! Morrus is a nice guy and he was kind enough to put the link up for me.

If you are new here this is d20monkey.com a webcomic focusing on the lives of a group of gamer geeks who may or may not remind you of people you know. Believe me when I say I’ve met my share of interesting gamers over the years and you’ll most likely see them all in time but for now the comic revolves around Sam, Brett, Mel and Charlie.

In addition to the comics I also occasionally post blogs on D&D from a DMs perspective and offer up some of my custom encounter maps.

Have a look around, browse through the comic archive, and feel free to either leave a comment on the strips or drop me an email at brian@d20monkey.com I am always happy to hear from you and read any comments you have.

— Brian