Holy shit. It was a rug and OMG TREVOR!

It’s time to answer a few questions. A lot of people have asked which RPG system/edition of D&D the group is using for Karthun. As far as the canon goes, they are using a hybrid-homebrew system that is based on OGL D&D. I have slowly moved away from using a lot of proper D&D terms and I.P WotC monsters/spells for a few reasons.

First, I do not want to wake up to a Cease & Desist one day. It seems unlikely, but you never know which lawyer will see this comic on the wrong day and that is something I do not need (note to lawyers: I am not making any money here, really. I’m not making enough to pay my bills. I’m a small fish.)

Second, keeping things a little vague on the rule side allows for everyone to draw their own conclusions and approach similar situations however they choose. A lot of GMs are using Karthun at home and I’m trying not to paint you into rule corners. The GMs Guide to Karthun will present options for several popular systems but as far as the comic goes, we are working from Sam’s (my) home-brew system.

Yes, I am working on the Karthun Adventure Game. It is a system built exclusively for Karthun and when it is ready, I will show it to everyone.

I love D&D, obviously, and for many years I secretly hoped to be the official webcomic for Dungeons & Dragons. I wanted Senpai to notice me. Sadly, it never really happened. Senpai glanced at me a few times but D&D has an official webcomic now with Table Titans and I’ll never be that guy, so I am going my own way. Karthun is mine. It is my heart and soul in a campaign setting and it comes to life through this comic. I’m happy with that and happy to present this group’s adventures across the Last Continent.

So, I hope this answers a few questions folks have asked. I read the comments every day, so if you have more, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Finally, I put up a Twitter Poll about which arc everyone would like to see next. Take a look and cast your vote if you are into that sort of thing.

Thank you all for reading!