Full disclosure here: My computer suffered a major crash on Tuesday. I lost a few things but I managed to get the machine up and running again and jumped right into working on this comic. This may be one of the times when I go back a tweak backgrounds a bit after the fact. I hate to Lucas it but on rare occasions the need arises.

Now the truth is out there: Brett is the son of Santa Claus and quite literally has to battle to save his friends and family from his insane uncle, Klaus Kringle.

I went through a few designs with the new version of Klaus. He possesses folks who hate Christmas and Santa, drawing and amplifying their power. Last year he latched onto a mall Santa burned out and jaded to the holidays. This year, he’s found someone who hates the season almost as much as Klaus does. With the new look I went for simplicity while maintaining the elements of some deviancy/weirdness he possessed last year (hence the chaps).

I’ll be curious to read the comments on this one (if any).

Friday, the throw down commences. There will be blood.