I had another comic lined up for today but after watching season finale for The Riches Season 2, I kind of lost my shit and felt an overwhelming need to do this comic instead. Don’t worry, I’ll run the other comic this week.

See, I came to The Riches late. I didn’t do the smart thing and check as to whether or not the series ends on a cliffhanger. WHY DIDN’T I CHECK? I loved the show. The story, the cast, the presentation, everything about The Riches floats my boat and what do they do? They build this awesome story and HANG ME OUT TO FUCKIN’ DRY? WHY FX!? WHY!?

Don’t get me wrong, if you haven’t seen The Riches, I still recommend watching it but just know that some questions will go unanswered.

I hate the not knowing.

So that’s it. From now on I am going to research shows before I dive in. Great shows are great shows but I like resolution.

Also: There are 4 days left on the Kickstarter. 4 DAYS!

COMMENTERS: Which shows burned YOU?