The new storyline continues with the introduction of Jeanie and her gaming group to the d20monkey universe (greeted of course with Brett’s usual brand of hospitality).

Some eagle-eyed members of the D&D community may recognize Randall “Deadorcs” Walker as one of the players in Jeanie’s gaming group. Well at least his Twitter avatar (whom he and others affectionately refer to as “Vampire Jesus”).

Randall is one of the talented individuals behind the Dungeon Masters Roundtable Podcast (along with Tracy H, Thadeous C, and Sam D) and writes his own gaming-centric blog as well. He’s cut from the old school cloth of gamer who I love to talk to and share the game with, not to mention he’s a super cool guy. Do yourself a favor and check out the DM Roundtable Podcast and give Randall’s blog a read as well (he stated up Elminster’s Jock from this strip as well, which is completely badass).