The new season begins on Monday!

I have completed the artwork for Karthun, wrapped up a few other freelance projects, and otherwise got my house in order. 2016 was rough. I’ll leave it at that. It was rough but I came out the other side and I am refocusing myself on what I love: making comics and making games.

My web guy has effectively retired, so I will be looking for someone new to help out with the mechanics of the site and help me implement some changes (it’s time for a new look and features), but in the meantime, I am going through a breaking the archive up into seasons and prepping the new cast bios. Just a heads-up, they will go up as I introduce folks for the new season, as some appearances have changed (TEASERED!).

I am looking forward to this season and I hope you are too. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Except for that one guy, let’s call him BushidoTim, who said some super mean stuff about me. He can eat a dick.