And d20Monkey is back.

First up, how about that new logo, right? It has been a long time coming. When I created the original logo, I intended the monkey skull to play a bigger role in the comic and branding of the series but to be honest, it never seemed to be something Sam would use. Also, when people read that logo (especially at conventions) it was 50/50 they read/understood it. A LOT of people asked “so what is d2 Monkey?” So, a change has been a long time coming. I dig it.

A new strip is here today but I imagine a few of you are asking “well how long will this last?” and that is completely fair. I have hit a few snags in six and a half years of d20Monkey but this time, while I worked to catch up on freelance work, I worked slowly to build a buffer and as of this writing I have 5 weeks of strips scripted and sketched. I am wrapping up some big freelance gigs and that will open up more time but that isn’t the best news…

My Artist in Residence job with Evil Hat Productions has expanded and I am now a regular member of the team making a steady paycheck. We don’t have a new title for me yet, but I am calling myself the Art Czar for now. The great news here is that very soon, I will be dividing my time between d20Monkey and Evil Hat, paying the bills, and enjoying more time to work on my own projects. Who knows what 2017 could bring…

Things are looking up.

As a heads-up, I have deleted the post about the delay and the return announcement. I mean no disrespect to the opinions and kind words expressed in the comments sections there, but it will prevent new backlog readers from being confused, etc. and will keep the archive continuous.

Thank you all again for reading, your support, and I hope you enjoy what is to come.ร‚ย Thank you to the 99.9% who understood that I needed to catch up on paying work and get my house in order (in more ways than one). Heavy deadlines and depression are not a good mix. Let’s just say that and move along. Best for everyone, I think.