Hey everyone, it’s Matt. I’m updating the last post to let you know (if you didn’t already) Nashville and the surrounding areas were hit with some bad tornadoes. Brian is okay but he’s been without power or internet since early Tuesday morning. Suffice to say, comics can’t resume until he’s got utilities back. Thanks for your patience and be sure to throw him some love.

Matt – Your one true mod

Final Update:

Howdy all, Brian here. Just checking back in to let you all know that it looks like the worst of things in my area have passed. Power and internet came back, but it was up-and-down for a while as the local crews worked to secure things. The damage in my area was extensive. I have been working on the pages I had lined up before the tornado hit and we will resume on Monday. The blackout put me behind but I am catching up. With the remainder of the series already plotted out, I will be working to drop in extra pages in the coming weeks as well.

Thank you very much to nice folks who reached out. It was a scary night and a stressful period, but I am grateful it didn’t turn out much, much worse.