It is a moment that is a long time coming (one of many as every page posted ticks down to the final page), as I deliver the end of Klaus Kringle and fulfill the narrative prophecy that Jeanie Tucker, the mantlebearer of Mrs. Claus and the Sword of Claus is the mama bear who will do anything it takes to lay evil low and keep the people she loves safe.

Some may have expected a 10 page brawl with a 10 page DBZ stare down, but that was never in the cards (and I have already done that in this series before LOL). A half-mantled Klaus was never going to be a challenge for Jeanie, and only because she became a mantlebearer after Klaus was locked away, and at the mercy of Brett’s father did Klaus avoid this fate for a time. His time ran out.

There is more to come, and I hope that you are enjoying each page and every payoff moment.