Did Sam fudge? I’ve never met a GM who hasn’t fudged at least once in some small way, as it seems to come with the territory. I’ll be honest here, I am very much a “let the dice fall” kind of GM. I do not like to kill player characters but I will. That said, I have fudged and I imagine I will fudge again in the future.

Brett’s douchebaggery is well documented across the archives of this series but he DOES have a short list of gamer commandments he follows. It’s a very short list but he does have one. If you are unclear on exactly what Brett is on about, I’ll direct your attention to the beginning of the Evil Sam arc.

I am very happy to announce that Project Ninja Panda Taco is now available for purchase from Jennisodes! Jenn did a fantastic job creating a quick, fun, and very new-player friendly game (for kids and adults alike). I did ALL of the illustration work for PNPT. This is the second game I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating (School Daze *cough*) and while it is a lot of work, I absolutely LOVE it. I highly recommend checking it out.

A new contest launches this week as well. You can check out the details right here and help me kill Bob the Fighter.

COMMENTERS: Did Sam fudge the damage and what is YOUR stance on fudging?