Update (11/19): Fixed the teeth mis-color. Yes, that is Dallas Noble (Yes, I will keep changing character appearances over time) and I am actually going back at adding tags to the entire archive during the story break.

This ends the Vault of Deknar arc and this season of d20Monkey. Yep, I am moving over to a seasons format moving forward in 2017 and I will be retroactively breaking the archive up into seasons to better track things.

When I return, the site will have new character bios, a new archive divided into seasons, and other new goodies for 2017.

I know the break sucks, but I am struggling to pay the bills, so I have to finish the paying work and complete the art for Karthun. It just has to happen and with the art previews, I am providing some kind of content to all of you who show up and enjoy the things I make.