“Small husky”. Damn.

Today’s awkward Mel guest comic comes from John Wigger, the creator of Zombie Roomie. If you’ve read d20Monkey for a while, you’ll recognize John and ZR as his name and comic have appeared before. We’ve even started threading a few crossover points in our character histories (which is always fun). John is a super nice guy and incredibly talented. I especially like to look back at the first comics Zombie Roomie comics, seeing how far we have both come along artistically, defining our styles, our storytelling, etc. If you have a few minutes give John and Zombie Roomie your time. You’ll be glad you did.

Hey the d20Monkey Clearance Sale is still rolling! If you are so inclined, help me clear out some of the items going away to make room for new things soon. (Spoiler: I am doing a Cthulhu shirt)