My wife Mo (her nickname) is sick with a combination of the Flu and an nasty ear infection. Believe me when I report the following: She is miserable.

This morning fevers broke and she seems to be on the mend finally after several days. Sitting in front of the computer she downloaded her own copy of Cataclysm with a bevy of “oooooh’s” and “aaaaaaah’s” during the title cinematic and following Worgen character creation. I took a break from working ahead to spend some time with her in the world of Azeroth and created a Worgen of my own. For the next few hours we rolled through Gilneas and truly had a great time. As H0rde players with 80’s and in my case an 80+ with a history of raiding, I expect a lot from Blizzard Entertainment when it comes to their next big thing. Thankfully, they delivered here. We laughed, we quested, we hit level 13 and then it was time for my darling wife to re-drug herself and fall back into the waiting arms of a regenerative Nyquil coma.

When she wakes up on Monday I hope to play again.