Howdy, Buckaroos! The new arc begins with Brett behind the screen, taking the helm of the existing Karthun campaign. It has been a little bit since their last session, so jump to these two links to see the Karthun groups exploits thus far.

One Night in Xag

The Vault of Deknar

Once you read those arcs, you will be all set for what is to come.

If you are curious about that map panel, I tried to recreate a close facsimile to my actual original, handmade maps for Karthun from many years ago. Remember that in-universe, Karthun is still just a home-brew setting that is being passed around within this group.

With that said, I want to cover a few things up front:

“It has been a long time (in real world time) since the group played Karthun. How much time has passed in the strip?”

I always keep the passage of time a little loose-goosey in d20Monkey just because it posts 3-days a week and in the longer arcs, real-time passes much faster. I suggest just sitting back and enjoying the story. If the strip ever hits 5-days/week then I will stay truer to actual times and dates.

“Why is Brett doing ______?”

Brett’s DMing style will be different from Sam and Jeanie. It will be intentional. For the most part, Sam and Jeanie DM the way *I* DM (which is a normal transference of creator-to-character) but Brett is a different type and I will be working to make that clear as the story develops. This page is an example. He just rolled out the set up and here we go. It is a little more old school or tournament style.

“Why does _______ look different now?”

My style evolves over time and that leads to new approaches to how things look.

“I don’t like _______ and you are [insert insult here]!”

Ninety-nine percent of the people who read this comic are kind, wonderful people who know how to show support and offer constructive thoughts when they disagree with something the characters or I do. It’s great and I am very lucky. There is, however, a very vocal minority who likes to take it a little too far. So, I am reminding everyone that dropping into the comments on this page and being a complete asshole will get you shown the door. If not by me, then by moderator and Sheriff in Town, NotanNPC. Be cool and we will not have any issues. Cool? Cool.