I hate writing gamers like this. I really do. The sad part is that I have actually heard guys talk like this to lady gamers in the past. FYI: Never do that around me. I make a scene. No, seriously, a HUGE fucking scene. Don’t be these guys. (I have a larger post on this subject coming up soon)

As for some Karthun lore in this strip:

1. Amy is playing a mage bound to an earth elemental and as you can see, the type of bond determines the look of the mage.

2. Dallas is playing a thief (one of the four core Karthun classes) with a ranger as her profession. In regards to lore, she is actually playing a member of the Moon Watch, a group of urban rangers in the city of Narhan, The City of Harsh Reflections.

3. Continuity fans will note that Amy and Dallas play best buddies Beatrice and Abigail of the Innsmouth Garden Society.