The recent errata to the 4e cleric created some (inevitable) drama. Some love the changes while others fall into neckbeard rage over what could only be a personal insult to their beloved cleric PC. It happens with every errata update.

Truth be told, I never mess with errata (the official kind). Not out of disrespect for the designers but rather for continuity at my table. I’ve seen Player’s Handbooks given the errata treatment. Post-it notes sticking out of every page, entire sections covered over with print outs, and lines stricken enough black marker to rival the JFK files. A once proud, magnificent PHB now looks like the manifesto of a crazed librarian.

I’ll stick with the game as written. If balance issues or problems arise, I’ll do what all DMs do: I’ll handle it. Generally speaking, most players and DMs can handle such situations on their own.

I think of big errata as Pandora’s Box: Once you open it, you cannot close it.