Today I am doing a little bit of house-cleaning and posting the latest Obsidian Portal Caption Contest winner. It is hellishly overdue for posting and while the winner was announced ages ago, posting the winning entry fell through the cracks with everything I am juggling at the moment. To the winner Robert, my apologies. It’s been a few months since a new caption comic hit Obsidan Portal but I hope to rectify that for December and January (more on that later). Jerry and Micah have been more that understanding in regards to my previous commitments and the recent Kickstarter. If by some chance you have not heard of Obsidian Portal, I heartily suggest you rectify that soon. 

This weekend was all about catching up on things. The d20monkey: First Edition Kickstarter ended on Friday and I am still having trouble believing it did so well. To say that this experience is eye-opening, humbling, exciting, and surreal would all be understatements. The book is funded and every stretch goal is happening. That shit is bananas right there. What this means (as I told the backers Friday evening) is that I have a lot of work ahead of me leading up to February/March but it is all work I am thrilled to do.

Admittedly, around the halfway point of this year I took on about 3 too many projects and it feels like I have been playing catch up ever since. Make no mistake, I loved the work but it is nice to see projects like School Daze and Project: Ninja Panda Taco completed and looking great. As a frame of reference, I did all of the illustrations for 2 complete RPG books. All of the illustrations, totaling nearly 200 pieces of art. Big projects like that take time and time is a precious commodity.

Now, I am wrapping up several projects and getting ready to take on one new NDA’d project that is long overdue, finish up prep for First Edition to hit the printer, and roll into the work on the Kickstarter rewards. All in all, I am going to be busy but in a different kind of way: My way. I love freelancing with great clients but nothing beats putting in the hours on your own projects. Let’s just say the 2013 is going to be a good year for d20monkey and the Innsmouth Garden Society.

Speaking of the IGS, their first official t-shirt will be going up for pre-sales in the coming days. I’ve wanted to do this tee for a while now but with the Kickstarter drawing my attention I placed it on the back burner. Now, with the holidays approaching, I think it is a good time to release this long-sleeve tee upon the masses.

You may have noticed the new social media buttons on this post. I will love you like a fat kid loves tacos if you’d be so kind as you click those and spread the word (if the feeling strikes you). I think it’s safe to let you guys know that a new d20monkey site is coming. I’m excited.