Brett. BRETT.

Oh and that Steward of Winter Clive Delhopp that prosecuted Brett during his trial last year.

A lot of folks have asked me why I removed Brett from the comic for nearly a full year, since he is arguable one of the most popular cast members. The short answer is I needed to know if I could keep the series funny and interesting without the humor and mythos of Brett to fall back on. It is easy to get comfortable as a creator and I just had to know if I could make it work without the big man. I like to think that I accomplished that with this year’s set of stories but all of you are the real judges of that, to be completely honest.

I am happy to see him back and I am not ashamed to say that I experienced joy working on his look and drawing his again in the strip. I am excited for what is coming and I hope all of you like it as well.