I’ve let this one bubble up a little bit since Charlie’s hard luck run at the hands of Pop’s during the Barrier Peaks episode and I hope you’ll not be too hard too Charlie. He’s human and took a a little joy from this but don’t worry, he’s not really grudging the group. The chemical payload triggering at 10 minutes was planned and well, from here on shit gets pretty real game-wise.

Hey let’s announce some Dread contest winners! First things first, there were a LOT of awesome entries and I actually enlisted the aid of Top People to help with the judging process once I narrowed down to a dozen of my favorites. That said, I’d like to thank you all for entering and I hope to run more of these kinds of contests in the near future. If you are a winning entry, shoot me an email with your mailing address so we can get the prizes on their way!

1) From Clifton: You few samurai survived the battle that crushed your lord, and fled into the mountains to safety – but something is in the woods with you.

2) From The Chatty DM: Lovecraftian Prison, all characters try to escape. Twist: Everyone’s an aspect of the same person imprisoned in a cultists’ corrupted mind.

3) From Cirlot: You wake from cyro into zero-g and frozen drops of crimson tumbling through a dead ship. Outside the glass you don’t see Sol. You don’t see anything.

I started writing out honorable mentions but then it hit a dozen and I decided to just reinforce there were a TON of great entries.