And at long last, here is the full team reveal! I love these characters and I am excited for what comes next. I hope you do too.

There is a good chance that some world building and rules details will not make it into this arc due to pacing issues, so I will try to cover questions in the comments and add some information in the posts as we move through the story.

What is the class system (Spartan, Apollo, Omega, etc)?: These classifications are indicators of power source and estimated power level in Andromeda X. Here is a quick breakdown:

Spartan Class – are tech-based heroes. No manifested powers but their gear places them in range upwards of Apollo class.

Apollo Class – Metahumans with manifested X chromosome configuration. This is the “average” power-level with a bit of ebb and flow with regards to power.

Omega Class – The most powerful class of Metahuman with rare triple X chromosome manifestation. For reference, Omegas are the Wonder Woman, Thanos, and Thor-level metas.

I DO have notes for other class levels as well, but for now I am going to focus on the characters in this arc.

HOVER-TEXT: Chronodome? Disco Nova? OMG. What the fuck are you doing here, Brian? This comic has really gone down hill.