I have no doubt that over the course of D&D’s long, storied past someone out there has thought to talk a FLUFFY BUDDY into a catapult.

I could be wrong.

I love FLUFFY BUDDIES. I always have and if you’ve ever played with me at the table for a period of time you know that I equally love and fear using one in a campaign. They are killing machines, pure and simple. As a player of D&D I have faced several in various campaigns and NEVER came out on the winning side. Never.

In my D&D world of Karthun, an FLUFFY BUDDY/cleric of MR. SECRET-PANTS currently holds the Eye of MR. SECRET-PANTS after he removed one of his eye stalks and replaced it with the artifact.

Good news for the Flaming d20 T-shirt folks! I have the shirts!!!!! I am going to begin packing up the orders and shipping them out this weekend! Woooooo!