There are some comics I present to you for no other reason that to satisfy a nagging desire somewhere in my sub-conscious.

Today’s comic is such an example.

Anyone familiar with d20monkey knows that the language and occasional violence could be unsuitable for younger readers. I do not shy away from this fact and I never intend to change my style to cater for a more family friendly audience. However, the past week made me wonder: Can I do a kid-friendly version of d20monkey?

I’ve had the thought before but when I received an email from a very nice reader named Lauren (and son) showing off their brand new d20monkey t-shirts the question came to the surface again. You see, Lauren and son like to read d20monkey and Lauren monitors (or slightly edits) which strips hir 7-year old reads. He gets a laugh out of it and I love to know that he’s able to read some of my content but again I wondered if I could satisfy 3-itches with one comic:

1. Parody an old strip (something I’ve wanted to do for a while now)

2. Present a strip with a punchline that kid and adult alike could get a laugh out of

3. Introduce the young versions of Brett and Sam

I took up the challenge today and I hope you enjoy the comic. To Lauren and son, thank you both for reading d20monkey. When he’s older, I hope he’ll go back and read all of the swear word-laiden comics he cannot read right now.

With “First Level Adventures” I may take a tour of old comic parodies through the eyes of the young Sam and Brett. We’ll see.

See you on Wednesday.

P.S. Yes, little Sam is wearing an Orko t-shirt. I loved He-Man and Orko as a kid. Don’t lie, you did too.