It’s the same story every year: On day one, the convention center bathrooms are spotless and ready for the masses but by the final day, even the fine staff (and they are awesome) simply cannot hold back the full weight of Nerdageddon. I don’t know about the ladies rooms but if you wander into a men’s room in the center at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, you had better go with friends and bring that LARPing foam axe you bought on Friday. I’m just sayin’

For what it’s worth I HIGHLY FUCKING RECOMMEND TAKING A ROLL OF YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER! Seriously, doing your business with convention center paper is like wiping with an enraged porcupine.

Aside from Gen Con excitement I am pleased to announce there is a new t-shirt in the online store! Based on this comic, it is a message I think we can all get behind!


You can check it out here along with other gamer-related goodness.