It looks like pixies will be a playable race in the new Heroes of the Feywild sourcebook.

This leaves me an uncomfortable place as a DM.

I am a fan of high-fantasy gaming. I am a firm believer that D&D (despite it’s war simulation roots) is a game of imagination and wonder. I love that make believe races galavant across fantastic worlds filled with magic. My conflict stems from the debate of what should be allowed as a player race. As a matter of personal taste I am not a fan of the idea of pixies as PCs but the same holds true for other offerings from WotC as well (Shardminds, I’m looking at you). There is a level of comfort and accessibility that such races seem to skew. Don’t get me wrong, both have a place in D&D but I am not sold on the idea of handling the day-to-day presence of a pixie or shardmind in an ongoing campaign. Playing DM word association, I look at such player races and think “disruption”.

Commenters: Where do you stand on new playable races? Do you restrict or are the doors wide open?