In ages past, there were three continents on Karthun: Doryan, Shoana, and Prevaul. Each with their own landscapes and nations comprised of the patron races and traveler races brought to Karthun by the gods.

During the Age of Flames, the Worldwalkers pierced the planar veil and accidentally allowed the Worldfire, the Three Demon Kings, and their demonic legions into Karthun’s plane. The Worldfire engulfed most of Karthun, ultimately destroying Shoana and Prevaul. When the Worldfire reached Doryan, the gods made great sacrifices to forge The Chain and halt the Worldfire’s movement. Doryan was saved (for now). Over time, residents began to refer to Doryan as The Last Continent as a symbol of unity in the face of the ever-looming Worldfire.