This is the cat-out-of-the-bag moment.

Mel’s been a little absent of late. I’ll admit that it is partially by design. Full Disclosure: Mel was originally based on my now ex-wife. I talk about Mel and why I want to keep her on as a member of the cast in Id DM’s interview here but the short hand is this: I like Mel as a character. I love what Mel represents in terms of lady gamers. After the divorce, I couldn’t look at her for a while but I eventually took a new look at her, gave her a new look, and tweaked her cadence a little (which you’ll see next week), essentially saving the character for myself and the folks who like to see her in the comic.

Dallas casually “outing” Sam’s feelings for Mel makes me laugh. The act of doing so also puts a spotlight on the fact that Dallas has been an introvert for years. She isn’t a conventional teenager by any means and I like to think she has little to no barrier when it comes to social interaction. For her, telling Mel that Sam is crazy about her seems as normal as saying “the sky is blue”.

Monday should be interesting as the story continues.