Ooof. Many panels and I have to say, it felt strange drawing old school Mel.

She’s been down since the first clash between Sam and Grey and I have tried to illustrate it subtly in her appearance and overall demeanor. Some folks picked up on it, some didn’t. Either way, it was a learning experience (it’s always a learning experience that will never end) and now, we are here at the reveal and pay-off. Some may dig it, some may hate it, and some may shrug and say “Text me when the dick jokes are back”. I’ll be curious to read the comments on this one.

What does this mean for Mel, Grey, and what’s going on inside the Dragon’s Den? Come back Wednesday and you’ll see.

In case you do not recognize him, that absolutely is John from Zombie Roomie. John Wigger and I discussed the idea of having Mel and John be exes a long time ago and I have been sitting on it until today. She liked John a lot but he went turbo clingy and she had a great job opportunity. So, they split up. Don’t worry, John is doing okay in the love department.