Update: I went back in to add Sam to the first panel and clean up the progression of Mel crying. Just to make things a little more defined.

Hey look! New hair Pops AND for Mel. I am kind of in love with Mel’s new do. I could have split this comic up over the course of a few days but to be honest, I am just as excited to get the story out there for the folks enjoying it.

If you’ve read from the beginning, you know Mel isn’t prone to breakdowns like this so the escalation of this situation must be hitting her hard. Donnie is just familiar enough and direct enough to ask the question, point blank.

Monday brings the answer from Mel. The past few strips have lit the comments up with folks BEGGING for legal action against Grey, Mel to wise up, and for Sam to die (I got a laugh out of that one and he made his case for why). Fine theories and opinions all. I will blanket reply with the standard: Wait and see.

If you are a regular commenter, you will notice that I have implemented the moderation system. Why? Well the short answer is that a small number of trolls worked their way in and got nasty with other commenters. I don’t mind folks taking shots at me. It’s the internet and I half expect it but I will be damned if I’ll sit by and watch the kind, conversational people be attacked. Fuck that. Not in my yard.