I’m sure the events of this comic surprise no one re: Trevor knowing the Boner Fairy. I’ve referenced the fictional con “Dungeon Run” a few times in the course of the series and only today did I have an idea for what/where it is. I’ll have to feature it sometime soon as I think you’ll dig it.

I am pretty busy working on a few projects but the d20monkey: First Edition Kickstarter is coming. I am in the process of securing quotes from a few last printers and prepping some figures in the event of stretch goal territory. As I mentioned at the GenCon panel, I have a few ideas and an all-new Innsmouth Garden Society hardback is one of the more ambitious goals. This whole thing is a scary/awesome/surreal experience and I hope you’ll indulge me in the coming weeks as the campaign approaches.

Speaking of Kickstarter campaigns, have you seen the new project from the guys over at Blind Ferret Entertainment, The Bear?


Basically this is a gorgeous story book highlighting a first-time parents experiences with his child. Ryan Sohmer handled the writing duties and Becky Dreistadt created absolutely amazing art for the book. While I am not a parent, I think this is an excellent project and I imagine the subject matter will speak to many, many parents.