Hello, double-sized comic!

In the midst of my day job and a busy freelance schedule, I am planning the begin a new D&D Next playtest campaign this weekend and I have to say, I am pretty damn excited. I will not spoil too much as most of my group reads the comic but I can tell you that I am planning to hit on a lot of the iconic modules through the history of D&D. Most of these guys have never seen such adventures and I am eager to showcase why some are near and dear to my heart. I’ll keep you guys posted.

I’ve almost completed the new cast page as well (complete with in-game characters and bios for easy reference). You should see it next week. Woooo!

On the subject, I am considering a new page on the site devoted to my D&D and other RPG musings, if you guys are into such things. It would be a repository for my maps, campaign journals, and other gaming related goodness.