Looks like Brett’s character is a Dead Man Walking. That should be interesting…

If you could see me right now you’d see a geek doing the excited dance, as this week brings the release of the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. You know how a fat kid looks longingly at a fresh bag of Doritos? That is the look I’ve had on my face since before GenCon and missing the copies on sale at GenCon only made it worse. From the world lore, to the design, and (from what I hear) the excellent system Privateer has built around the game, I cannot wait to get my greedy, cool ranch stained hands on it tomorrow. I fully intend to read it and report back with a more in-depth review.

On the video game front: There are too many to list at the moment but there are a ton of excellent games coming, from Torchlight 2 to Guild Wars 2 now available for Mac and several in-between.

Again, there are never enough hours in the day.

Commenters: What are you playing these days or what are you waiting for that gives you a nerd-boner every time you think about it?