High school.

For some it was the greatest years of their lives and for others it was a nightmare. My own experience sits somewhere in the middle. I had good times. I had bad times. For me, high school occurred during the 90’s. Goddamn. The nineties. I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on Justine Frischmann from Elastica (hence my little tribute to her with Brett’s make believe girlfriend in this comic) and I actually had one of the haircuts featured in the last panel of this comic. I was young. Get off my back.

Today’s comic touches on high school for a very good reason: School Daze.

There is a Kickstarter running for the School Daze RPG right now and I say this honestly: Throw money at this. I’ve played it. It is super easy, quick, and fun as hell to play. It’s the kind of game where you can cover so many types of high school genres (serious, romantic comedy, weirdness, etc.) and session last a few hours tops. Whether it be an on-going campaign (and yes, you can run one with School Daze) or a simple one-night party game, the system runs incredibly well and is a perfect vehicle for introducing non-role-players to RPGs. All of that aside though, there is one reason you should back this game (and it’s not because I signed on to do the art for it). You should back this game because of its creator, Tracy Barnett.

Tracy is one of those guys who loves what he does. He reminds me of guys like Jerry LeNeave, Sersa Victory, Phil Menard and Dave Chalker (just to name a few) in that with everything they do, you sense how much they love gaming and how passionate they about what they create. I love this kind of excitement. It’s contagious. Reading their blogs and following Twitter feeds, you cannot help but become just as excited as they are about games. In my personal opinion there aren’t enough creators out there who genuinely love what they do.

Such is not the case here. Tracy has this quality by the truckload. He is a good guy who stays humble and appreciative for each and every compliment, playtester, mention, re-tweet and dollar thrown towards the School Daze Kickstarter. He loves gaming and it shows.

So do me a favor: Head over to the Kickstarter page, take a look at what I’m talking about and give School Daze a shot. I think you’ll be glad you did