Now that I’ve introduced a few out-of-game story lines and additional characters, it’s time to get the group back into the heart of their campaign with a new adventure (despite Trevor’s brief interruption).

Speaking of Trevor, I received a few very kind emails over the past month pertaining to him and the fact that d20monkey features a gay gamer as one of the main cast members. As nice as the emails were they took me a little by surprise. I guess for some this is a rare or isolated occurrence but to be honest, I’ve met many great folks who love to play RPGs and they just happen to be gay. In my eyes good people (and gamers) are good people so the idea of Trevor being a big deal to someone never really crossed my mind. Regardless, I hope you like where his character is going and in the coming months we’ll see a little more of his personal life (as well as Charlie’s) but for now it’s time for the group to roll some dice.