Trevor, I am not calling for your death. Read on.

I realize today’s comic may not bring side-splitting laughs. Granted, taking a few shots at the neckbeard rage nerds out there always brings a bit of a smile to my face but that may not be the healthiest laugh possible

Today is one of the rare days where I try to get a point across or vent about something that is on my mind. The case in point today are the forums over on the Wizards of the Coast site and the new section for D&D Next. Not surprising to anyone, the trolls are swimming around over there bitching about pretty much anything that comes up regarding the new edition. Keep in mind here, 99% of us have not seen the first stat block and already these people are burning the house down. I’m not surprised it’s happening, I am surprised it is happening so quickly. This game is nowhere near it’s release and already booger eaters are swearing they’ll never buy a WotC or D&D product again. Seriously?

Now, I don’t want those who aren’t thrilled about the new edition to think I am lumping everyone into the same category. I’m not. The folks who speak their minds like adults, use punctuation, and subscribe to good grammar? Bravo. I love to chat with you even if we do not see eye-to-eye. I am referring to the people who rage for the sake of raging. The basement dwelling, stereotypes who hide behind screen names and their mothers skirts while calling people everything but human. I refer to the dregs. The trolls. The people who complain about WotC reprinting 1st-edition material to raise money for a Gary Gygax memorial.

Gygax Memorial Fund

You know? Gary Gygax? One of the guys responsible for laying the groundwork for all of this? You’re bitching about a memorial in his honor while playing a game he created? I have a special vintage of profanity for people like you but I will bite my lip this time. This time. Today’s comic isn’t about that.

This comic is my own way of saying thank you to folks like Trevor Kidd and all of the WotC crew who are breaking their necks to pull back the curtain and exchange ideas with all of us to make the best game possible. Not a game to please everyone. The best game possible. I do not envy the monumental task laid before guys like Trevor (who reads and interacts with a lot of folks on Twitter, etc.) and I am not speaking to the lame ideas he must read but equally all of the good ideas. There can be too much of a good thing and I have no doubt that when this is all said and done, WotC will have enough quality input for 3 different games if they so choose. All of you are made of sterner stuff than I am.

That said, I say thank you to the Wizards of the Coast for lowering your guard and letting us in. I have to believe it will only lead to a better game for all of us.


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