I have survived my bout of the plague! I should be back on schedule now and I apologize for the brief interruption.

I’ve been in Brett’s situation before and it can pull at you. Do you go for average across the board or grab that set with the 18 and play to your one strength? You’d be shocked how folks fall on that choice.

If you’re curious, I use the following rules for players rolling character stats:

  • 4d6 and remove the lowest number
  • Roll that six times per set
  • Roll two sets of six
  • Then the player chooses one set (no mix-n-match)

This may seem a little convoluted but it gives players a slightly better chance to have starting scores that aren’t in the toilet. I think any of us who’ve gamed for a while have seen it happen. Call it a forgiving house rule.

COMMENTERS: Between Brett’s sets, which would you choose?