Assassin’s Creed 3 is pretty great. I finished it up over the Thanksgiving holiday and if you’ve played and enjoyed any of the series I think you’ll dig it. The naval mission mini-game is absolutely fantastic and I would happily pay for an expanded stand alone version. As for the story, I loved it. Ubisoft makes a point to present the motivations and arguments for the American revolution from both sides and at times, I found myself saying “Wow, the founding fathers were dicks” (keeping in mind some liberties were taken with the story, no doubt).

I am simply giddy for the Tyranny of King Washington DLC that presents an alternate history where Washington proclaims himself King after you (Connor) works to put him into power.

December is here and if you’ve read this comic for a while, you’ll know a Christmas arc is coming. Indeed, the arc is coming and this is the first year we’ll see Brett as the big man himself and explore a bit of the lore behind Santa and the Mantle. I have a really good feeling about the story and cannot wait to get into it.