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Dec 31Christmas 2012: Part Eight
Dec 28Christmas 2012: Part Seven
Dec 26Christmas 2012: Part Six
Dec 24Christmas 2012: Part Five
Dec 19Christmas 2012: Part Four
Dec 16Christmas 2012: Part Three
Dec 12Christmas 2012: Part Two
Dec 9Christmas 2012: Part One
Dec 7The Cover
Dec 5Obsidian Portal Caption Contest: December 2012
Dec 3Dead Drop
Nov 28Secret Sam: Part Five
Nov 26Secret Sam: Part Four
Nov 21Secret Sam: Part Three
Nov 19Secret Sam: Part Two
Nov 16Secret Sam: Part One
Nov 15C’Thaught
Nov 12On a Horse with No Shame
Nov 8Goal Tenders
Nov 6The Eye Has It
Nov 5Finale’d
Nov 2Bob the Fighter
Oct 31Halloween 2012
Oct 29Hey Hey
Oct 26Dread: Part Thirteen
Oct 24Dread: Part Twelve
Oct 22Dread: Part Eleven
Oct 16Dread: Part Ten
Oct 12Dread: Part Nine
Oct 10Dread: Part Eight
Oct 7Dread: Part Seven
Oct 5Dread: Part Six
Oct 3Dread: Part Five
Sep 21Dread: Part Four
Sep 19Dread: Part Three
Sep 17Dread: Part Two
Sep 14Dread: Part One
Sep 12Sects Education
Sep 9Aversion to Immersion
Sep 6Charlie Dreadful
Sep 4There’s No Sign of the Bonin’ Coming
Sep 3Epilogue: Kraken a Mystery
Aug 31Confession
Aug 28Desperate Times
Aug 26Helm’s Creep
Aug 23Rhyme and Reason
Aug 21Pop Over
Aug 17GenCon Guest Week: James Stowe
Aug 14GenCon Guest Week: Javis Ray
Aug 13GenCon Guest Comic Week: Matt Roberts and Wesley K. Hall
Aug 9Periodical
Aug 8Pillow Talk
Aug 2Sniffing Out the Truth
Jul 31Under the Influence
Jul 27Thank you, Gary
Jul 24Like Vecna
Jul 19Girl Talk
Jul 18Thievery
Jul 10Mana Burned
Jul 6Follow the Greeder
Jun 28Between
Jun 27In a JIF
Jun 24Report Card
Jun 15Chaos Theory
Jun 13Coup de Whaaaa?
Jun 11Custodian
Jun 6Suspension of Disbelief
Jun 1Protocols
May 30Ship Happens
May 25Gray’s Anatomy
May 21Frontrunner
May 18Skalding Hot
May 16Casting Doubt
May 13Smack Food
May 10Stats in the Cradle
May 9Sex Factor
May 6Eye Wear and Tear
May 2The Peddler
Apr 27Writing on the Wall
Apr 24Forced Perspective
Apr 22There’s Always Room
Apr 20Don’t Be Frank
Apr 18So Jelly
Apr 16Innsmouth Garden Society: Epilogue
Apr 13Innsmouth Garden Society: Conclusion
Apr 12Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Eight
Apr 9Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Seven
Apr 6Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Six
Apr 4Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Five
Apr 2Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Four
Mar 28Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Three
Mar 26Innsmouth Garden Society: Part Two
Mar 23Innsmouth Garden Society: Part One
Mar 19Innsmouth Garden Society: Prologue
Mar 16Snatch and Grab
Mar 13The Sign
Mar 8They’ll Errata That
Mar 7Duty
Mar 4Obsidian Portal Caption Contest: March 2012
Mar 2Private Stock
Feb 28Gate Crashed
Feb 26Barbie-Skewed
Feb 24Crucible of the Odds
Feb 22School Dazed
Feb 19Burn at Both Ends
Feb 16Date Night: Conclusion
Feb 14Date Night: Part Six
Feb 13Interlude: January Caption Contest Winner
Feb 9Date Night: Part Five
Feb 8Date Night: Part Four
Feb 6Date Night: Part Three
Feb 2Date Night: Part Two
Jan 29Date Night: Part One
Jan 27Date Night: Prologue
Jan 24His Hammer…
Jan 23No. Don’t. Assholes.
Jan 20Community
Jan 18Premonition
Jan 16Secret ‘Stache
Jan 13Perchance to Dream
Jan 11Strange Accusations
Jan 8Fantastic Four-Play
Jan 5Gamin’ with Busey
Jan 4Gettin’ Jizzy With It