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Dec 31A Perfect Fit
Dec 29Mazes and Misconceptions
Dec 28The Fight Before Christmas (Finale)
Dec 24Crunch Time
Dec 23Klaus Kringle
Dec 22Come All Ye Painful
Dec 21Twas’ the Fight Before Christmas
Dec 20Father Crit-mas
Dec 17Kringle Fight!
Dec 15Splash Damage
Dec 13A Burning Need
Dec 10Johnny WotC
Dec 8Hellscreaming
Dec 6Polyheathens
Dec 3Essentially
Dec 1No Shave November
Nov 29Vaggie Tales
Nov 26The Gobblehaunt: Part 3
Nov 24The Gobblehaunt: Part 2
Nov 22The Gobblehaunt: Part 1
Nov 19He Who Must Be Maimed
Nov 17Kinect-ed
Nov 15Emma-sculated
Nov 1210-Foot Pole’d
Nov 10D-Turdy
Nov 8This He Commands
Nov 5Love at First Line of Sight
Nov 3A Great Disturbance
Nov 1Grim(es) Tale
Oct 29Dude Bro Adventures
Oct 27Feline Apprehensive
Oct 22Stuck On You
Oct 18Post Forum Aggression
Oct 15Hamster-Damn
Oct 13Gotta Grudge ‘Em All
Oct 12Crit-stopher Columbus
Oct 8Ka-Wrong
Oct 6Too Scrote For Comfort
Oct 4Scraggin’ Me Down
Oct 1Welcome!