Contest Time!

The authors of Dread, Epidah Ravachol and Nat Barmore generously offered up 3 autographed copies of Dread for me to give away to readers and those folks interested in taking the game for a spin. I have to say, this is pretty damn cool and I am excited to pass these along to 3 of you. With that, let’s dive into the deets of the contest.

140 Characters of Dread: Every session of Dread revolves around a group of characters and a story. In my opinion, it is the heart of the game. So in the comments below, in 140 characters or less give me your best Dread scenarios. This will run until Sunday evening and then the winners will snag a shiny, autographed copy of Dread!

Update: Enter as often as you like. I’m easy.

Update #2: A few folks asked how Brett’s character is still in the game after knocking over the tower.  By the letter of the law, Brett is now considered to be a ‘Dead Man Walking”. He is going to die at a moment determined by Charlie. However, being a DMW he is allowed to role-play and interact with the other players, though he cannot make tower pulls. It’s a great mechanic for keeping players who accidentally knock over the tower (like he did) in the game for a while and build tension.