Howdy, Buckaroos!

Build 2.0 of the Magebound character class for 5e is now ready for play and testing!This build includes three subclasses for the Magebound, with each presenting variations on the theme of evolution and the bond between the vessel and the elemental:

Evolution of Harmony – The intended ritual result as vessel and elemental become one. Focuses on mastery over their element, syphoning power from enemy spells and built to survive.

Evolution of Rage – The black market or forced ritual result. Vessel and elemental fueled by rage, drawing power from physical damage for their summoned weapons and spells. A living bomb.

Evolution of Aberration – The wild card. Develops mutations over time grant powers, ultimately developing two distinct personalities and the power to clone itself.

This has been a long time coming, and I hope that you enjoy it. I still have some more spell list work to do and the proper, professional editing comes in the next build. For now, read, play and enjoy. Drop comments here if you like. I will be reading.

Happy Gaming.